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Earn +1% interest rate - without leaving your old bank

Lunar is a different bank, and now you can earn a positive interest rate of up to 25,000 kr. You can get a free account without leaving your old bank. Read here, how that’s possible.


At Lunar, we do things differently.
That’s why you can now get positive interest on up to 25,000 kr. on your account. You can do so because all of our customers are important to us, no matter how much money you have. The more we are, who wants to build a new bank from the bottom up, the stronger we are.

We’re, just like every other Danish bank, supervised by Finanstilsynet (The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority) which means that there’s a long line of guidelines we must comply with. At Lunar, your money is also covered by a Danish Guarantee Fund, which protects deposits on bank accounts in financial institutions with up to 100.000 EUR (Similar to 750.000 DKK).

This is how you can get positive interest with Lunar

We'll give you a positive interest rate on +1% on up to 25,000 DKK. You don’t have to tie your money to us, gather your finances, or switch banks. If you have a Lunar account, you’ll get positive interest when you use your card at least once every 30 days.
The value of the account is being calculated every day, while rates are being calculated and paid out monthly.
And if you’re a business user with a Lunar Business account , you’ll avoid negative interests on deposits up to 10 mil. DKK.

Why Lunar can offer you positive interest rates

Lunar is a modern bank that lives on your phone. In what we think is Denmark’s best banking app, you can get more out of your money, which is safe at Lunar because it’s covered by The Deposit Guarantee. In 2019, Lunar got a bank license as the first fintech (Business that develops financial technology). This means that we’re building a bank from the bottom up together with our +650,000 users. We have no branches or financial advisors - everything is digital. We’ve also built our app using the newest technology which means that we don’t have the same expense as traditional banks.

We can do things differently - and we do.

When all banks are lowering the limit for negative interest, we see many new customers, who want to park larger amounts of money in Lunar.

That makes us a bit sad, because Lunar is built to be used by- and to give - regular people more from their money.

Thus, in 2020, we had to create a limit for negative interest on 250.000 kr., and we continue to do so. As all other banks, we ourselves pay a negative interest to Nationalbanken, to have our customers’ money with us.

Now, we've raised the limit to 10 mil. DKK.

Get positive interest without leaving your old bank

We don’t require you to move your NemKonto to us, to avoid the negative interest. You can use Lunar as your other bank, and deposit to us without ever leaving your old bank.

💡 It’s free to transfer - even large amounts - to Lunar from your old bank, if you use a regular bank transfer. Check with your old bank if there are any limits to how much you can transfer away. You can do it in smaller bites, or have your limit raised.

How Lunar makes their money

In Lunar, we don’t want to make money on meaningless fees. That’s why you can get a free account and card, and we won’t hide what you have to pay. However, we need to maintain a sustainable business model, so here are four main incomes for us as bank:

🏪 The stores or retailers you purchase from, pay a small fee to the card issuer every time you use your card. That’s called a transaction fee. That’s why we would like a lot of Lunar users.

💳 We have to products who are monthly subscriptions. These gather all of the best when it comes to private finances and travel benefits: Lunar Premium and Pro . When you upgrade to either, we make money.

💼 Lunar Business is built for entrepreneurs and all businesses who get a Business account pay a yearly price to have one. We also make money on that.

How do I get more out of my money with Lunar?

On top of the positive interest rate on +1% on your account, there are several ways to get the most out of your money.

✅ Set a budget that gives you an overview

✅Save up automatically without lifting a finger

✅Get notifications to keep you on track

✅ No annual account or card fees

✅ Free payments and transfers

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