Are cryptocurrencies a good investment?

Cryptocurrencies can be a great addition to your portfolio - if you’re willing to run the risk. Cryptocurrencies are “high risk - high reward” since you can risk that the value of your trades rise very explosively, as well as risk losing the entire amount.

What risks are connected to cryptocurrencies?

It’s especially risks, you need to be aware of before you trade cryptocurrencies. There’s volatility, cyber-crime, and that crypto are unregulated assets without guarantees.


Cryptocurrencies are very volatile assets. This means that the value of a cryptocurrency can rise and fall very dramatically. From one day to another, your money could become more than tenfold, just like you could lose the entire amount.

If you want to read more about volatility, and why cryptocurrencies rise and fall drastically, you can read more here .


When you trade cryptocurrencies , you can risk being deceived by cyber-criminals. Since September 2020, the Danish police has gotten reports on crypto-fraud, where the accumulated amount is about 20 million DKK, according to DR News.

This can happen following hacker attacks on personal computers, where IT-criminals force access to the computer, lock out the owner and blackmail them for money.

You could also risk trading cryptocurrencies on foreign platforms and websites, where fraud may happen. Therefore, you should always make sure to trade cryptocurrencies on credible platforms you trust.

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Unregulated assets without guarantees

Usually, your money is protected by a guarantee - In Denmark, an example of such guarantee is The Danish Guarantee Fund (Garantiformuen ).

If the money you have deposited in the bank were to disappear as a result of your bank going bankrupt, The Danish Guarantee Fund will cover your losses on up to 750,000 DKK. 

But for cryptocurrencies, there is no guarantee. Crypto is unregulated which also means that no central authorities can guarantee and protect the money you’ve purchased cryptocurrency with.

Read more about what it means that cryptocurrencies are unregulated here .

By how much have the different cryptocurrencies risen?

Here, you can see an overview of the most popular cryptocurrencies and their highest and lowest value according to CoinGecko . The numbers were retrieved in June 2022.

Is trading cryptocurrencies a good idea?

Before you consider trading cryptocurrencies, it could be a good idea to learn the most basic things about them. You can also learn more about what cryptocurrencies actually are, here .

And before you decide which cryptocurrencies to place your bets on, you could beneficially get wiser on each cryptocurrency’s features and ideas.

Cryptocurrencies can rise and fall

When you trade cryptocurrencies, you need to be aware that it carries a large risk. The value of your cryptocurrency can both rise and fall, and you can risk losing the entire amount you’ve invested in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency trading is done through Lunar Block. Lunar Block is not regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet). That means you won’t have the same protection as when trading e.g. stocks or other regulated assets.

We do not counsel

We do not advise on currencies and do not make recommendations for either buying or selling. We can provide factual information about the different currencies, but past price developments are not an indication of future developments. No information from Lunar Block should therefore be considered as recommendations and all decisions are up to you alone.

Last updated April 18, 2023. We’ve collected general information. Please note, that there may be specific circumstances that you and your business need to be aware of.