How do you buy cardano as regular stocks?

Cardano (ADA) is a currency and not a business. That’s why you can’t invest directly in cardano as it were stocks, since investing in stocks actually is investing in businesses.

However, it’s possible to buy your way into funds – ETFs or ETNs – that follow the rate of cardano. Instead of investing directly in cardano , you’re investing in a fund that follows cardano’s exchange rate developments. 

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What are ETFs and ETNs?

ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund, while ETN stands for Exchange Traded Note. Both types try to follow the rate developments of a certain market – such as the cardano market.

So, when cardano sees a 20% increase in value, a successful ETF or ETN will then also see a 20% increase in value. 

The difference between ETFs and ETNs

An ETF owns the stocks it tries to follow. That means that when you invest in a cardano ETF, you’re investing in a fund that also owns cardano.

An ETN doesn’t own the stocks it tries to follow. An ETN works similarly to a bond of debt. If you purchase an cardano ETN, the issuer of the ETN will then be indebted to you. The debt is then of the same value as the rise in value there has been on the market the ETN follows.

But since these are bonds of debt, where there’s no real ownership over actual assets, you could risk that the issuer goes bankrupt. This would mean that you could lose all the money you’ve invested.

With an ETF, the situation would rarely go this sideways. Because the ETF actually owns the assets - such as cardano - the ETF can then choose to sell their cardano coins, in order to raise capital to pay back their investors.

There are pros and cons to both types of funds, which you should consider before investing.

How do cardano ETFs and ETNs work?

When you invest in ETFs or ETNs it works kind of like a stock. This means that gains and losses are taxed after existing taxation laws for stocks. Your investments can either be taxed as income on equity or as capital income, and further after the asset liquidation principle or inventory principle. Exactly as you know it from the regular stock world.

When you’re trading cardano as a currency, you don’t have access to income on equity. Here, certain taxation rules apply, which you can get more information on here .

When you trade cryptocurrencies, you need to be aware that it carries a large risk. The value of your cryptocurrency can both rise and fall , and you can risk losing the entire amount you’ve invested in cryptocurrencies.

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You can also buy cardano through Lunar Block

ETFs and ETNs aren’t the only thing you can buy via Lunar.

From your app, you can also sign up to Lunar Block , which is probably Denmark’s easiest platform for buying and selling cardano and other cryptocurrencies. 

Here, you’re not investing in stocks, bonds of debt, or funds – you’re buying cardano straight from the source.

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Get started with crypto now

How to get started with cardano

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    Download Lunar for free

    Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the Lunar app. Find your photo ID, as you need that to sign up.

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    Sign up to Lunar Block in the app

    Find Lunar Block under “Products” and sign up. You’ll be asked to take a test about crypto first - among other things, it’s to see if you’re aware of the risks. You can learn more about the risks in the app before you take the test.

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    Buy cardano with a single swipe

    When we’ve approved you, you can buy cardano immediately. Choose your cryptocurrency in the app and buy with a single swipe.

Cryptocurrencies can rise and fall

When you trade cryptocurrencies, you need to be aware that it carries a large risk. The value of your cryptocurrency can both rise and fall, and you can risk losing the entire amount you’ve invested in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency trading is done through Lunar Block. Lunar Block is not regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet). That means you won’t have the same protection as when trading e.g. stocks or other regulated assets.

We do not counsel

We do not advise on currencies and do not make recommendations for either buying or selling. We can provide factual information about the different currencies, but past price developments are not an indication of future developments.

No information from Lunar Block should therefore be considered as recommendations and all decisions are up to you alone.

Last updated April 18, 2023. We’ve collected general information. Please note, that there may be specific circumstances that you and your business need to be aware of.