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Maybe you’ve heard about the cryptocurrencies bitcoin and ethereum , but what about solana (SOL)?

Solana is one of the cryptocurrencies you can buy through our trading platform, Lunar Block .

To get started, you just need to download Lunar for free and sign up to Lunar Block.

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Solana’s rate: See the value here

In the app, you can see what solana, also known as SOL, is worth. Follow the rate by the minute, and see the value here and now before you buy.

Historically speaking, solana has been performing well. In April 2020, one solana coin was worth about 3,5 DKK according to Coinbase . In July 2022, one solana coin was worth 282,5 DKK, which corresponds to an increase of 7,971%.

Solana’s high point was in November 2021, where a single coin had a price of 1671,75 DKK. Compared to April 2020, that’s a 74,664% increase.

But the rate of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate every second , and examples of large gains and just as big losses in a short amount of time have been recorded. That’s why you always need to be aware that you could lose the entire amount you’ve invested, if the rate of the cryptocurrency goes down.

Quick overview: What is solana?

Solana (SOL) is a digital currency that - just like other cryptocurrencies - isn’t controlled by a bank or government. Solana’s value is then regulated strictly by supply and demand.

A special characteristic of solana is its blockchain technology, where a special method called proof-of-history is used. The method enables solana to handle a large number of transactions per second - something that both bitcoin and ethereum is troubling with.

Learn more about proof-of-history, and what solana is here .

Solana is thus an innovative cryptocurrency that tries to solve many of the problems that the earliest cryptocurrencies have to deal with today.

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Trade solana with peace of mind

When you buy and sell solana with us, you can do it with peace of mind. You can do so because you’re trading on a Danish platform with full transparency.

And if you want to sell your cryptocurrency again, you can get the value of them paid out directly to your Lunar account . Then you won’t have to worry about your cryptocurrency being stuck with a foreign platform, where you can’t get the value of your crypto paid out.

Remember, all cryptocurrency trading - including solana - involves a large risk . When the rate can rise, it can also fall. So even if you do have an opportunity to yield gains, you could also risk losing the entire amount of your crypto purchase.

How to buy solana

Always a set, low trading price

When you trade solana via Lunar Block , you’re always getting a set, low trading price. You’ll always know what you’re paying for, and there aren’t any unpleasant surprises. As a Standard user your trading price is 2,5% to buy and sell solana, as a Premium user it’s 1,5%, and if you have Lunar Pro, that price is just 1%.

At the same time, you won’t have to worry about meaningless fees such as deposit fees, withdrawal fees and safe deposit fees.

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Easy tax reporting to Skat

It’s always your own responsibility to report crypto gains or losses to Skat. It may seem like a hassle, but we’ll help by easing the process for you.

By the end of each year, we’re giving you the overview of your trades along with a guide on how to report. That way, you can handle the annual tax report in minutes.

See how we help with crypto tax reports

How to get started with solana

  • 1

    Download Lunar for free

    Go to App Store or Google Play and download the Lunar app. Find your photo ID, as you need that to sign up.

  • 2

    Sign up to Lunar Block in the app

    Find Lunar Block under “Products” and sign up. You’ll be asked to take a test about crypto first - among others things, it’s to see if you’re aware of the risks. You can learn more about the risks in the app before you take the test.

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    Buy solana with a single swipe

    When we’ve approved you, you can buy solana and other cryptos immediately. Choose your cryptocurrency in the app and buy with a single swipe.

Your questions - Answered

Cryptocurrencies can rise and fall

When you trade cryptocurrencies, you need to be aware that it carries a large risk. The value of your cryptocurrency can both rise and fall, and you can risk losing the entire amount you’ve invested in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency trading is done through Lunar Block. Lunar Block is not regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet). That means you won’t have the same protection as when trading e.g. stocks or other regulated assets.

We do not counsel

We do not advise on currencies and do not make recommendations for either buying or selling. We can provide factual information about the different currencies, but past price developments are not an indication of future developments.

No information from Lunar Block should therefore be considered as recommendations and all decisions are up to you alone.